Common excuses people give against buying Health Insurance

A comprehensive health insurance policy is an absolute necessity and its importance cannot be emphasised enough.

A comprehensive health insurance policy is an absolute necessity and its importance cannot be emphasised enough. Many people, however, give excuses against buying a policy. These excuses are often unfounded and should be counter-argued for their own benefit. 

Here are some of the most common excuses people give and what they should be explained:

1) I am young and healthy and do not need a health insurance policy

This is one of the most common excuses people give against buying a policy. What they need to know, however, is that illnesses are unpredictable. One cannot predict having a stroke, cancer, tumour, etc. They can happen to young and healthy people as well. Furthermore, the increasing number of lifestyle diseases, changing environmental conditions, and onset of novel illnesses (COVID, for example) means that even the healthiest of person can be affected by a disease without warning. It is essential to be on guard rather than being complacent. You might not need it today but you cannot be sure that you will not need it tomorrow.

2) Health insurance policies are expensive

There are a number of health insurers in the market with a range of products to offer. They cater to almost all segments of the society and to almost all the budget range. But, even if the most basic of policies with the lowest of premiums seems expensive then one must look at the medical expense that may arise later. With the rising medical costs and growing vulnerabilities towards a disease, a small sacrifice towards the premium may save thousands in medical bills later. It is important to look into the future.

3) I/my spouse is covered by the employer’s policy

It is good that either you, your spouse, or both of you are covered under the group policy of your employer but that does not mean you aren’t vulnerable and shouldn’t have a policy of your own. There are real-life cases where your group policy will not be of help. For example, you may be between jobs, which means that you will not be covered under your company’s policy and hence be vulnerable. 

Another example could be when your company decides to change its policy and removes certain benefits (removing cover for critical illness, for example) that you may need. Since you have no control over this decision, you may have to pay out of your own pockets. Or suppose you have retired and had not had a policy of your own. This would mean that during a time when you need the insurance most, you would have to pay larger premiums for the simplest of plans that you could have bought for cheap, earlier.

4) The plans are difficult to understand

Yes, the wordings of the policy may be a bit technical for a normal person to understand completely but that’s no excuse to avoid buying one. The internet is filled with helpful information regarding policies that one can browse easily. You can also contact One Assure partners for a free health insurance consultation regarding all your questions. One Assure partner will help you in looking for policies that suit your needs perfectly, and clarify all your doubts. Further, you can also consult your friends, colleagues, family members about insurance. All you need to have is a little patience and you can easily grasp the details of a policy.

5) The plans do not cover my exact needs

It is extremely important that you purchase a policy that meets your exact needs and the insurance market has numerous products available that cater to a variety of needs for different people. But if you feel that the policies available are not relevant to you, you can always customise. There are numerous add-ons available including critical illness plans, diabetes-specific plans, maternity-related plans, among others that you can add to a basic plan. Further, you can always speak with a licensed insurance agent who would help you find or customise a plan specific to your needs.

The fact of the matter is that there is no valid excuse for not buying a health insurance policy and people should be educated to voluntarily learn about them and purchase them. The excuses may be enough for today but they may turn out to be highly expensive tomorrow.

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