Build your Social Media presence as a Health Insurance Agent

As a health insurance agent, it is extremely important for you to establish your social media presence because it is free, it is engaging, it’s a great platform to be discovered by new clients, and it is one of the best platforms to create vast networks of clients.

At the end of 2019, the number of Indians on social media was estimated to be close to 350 million. On average, an Indian user spends 2.4 hours on social media and over 290 million active social media users use their phone to access these platforms. This means that an extremely large population has easy access to social media and it is a market waiting to be tapped.

As a health insurance agent, it is extremely important for you to establish your social media presence because it is free, it is engaging, it’s a great platform to be discovered by new clients, and it is one of the best platforms to create vast networks of clients. 

But how do you do it? Let’s take a look.

  1. Ask yourself certain questions – Who is my target audience? What age groups do they fall in? What kind of a lifestyle do they have? What could be their primary concerns regarding health insurance? What sort of questions do they ask an insurance agent? Where does health insurance lie in their list of priorities? These questions will help you create a tentative consumer profile which you can use to shape your communication. For example, if most of your potential clients are senior-citizens then all your communication will be directed to solve their concerns. The way you communicate, the products you explain, and the point you highlight will be different when compared to a younger client list.
  2. Your profile – Your social media profile should have all the relevant information like website address, email-address, contact information, information about you and your business, etc. The more relevant information you provide, the better your audience will know you.
  3. Leverage WhatsApp – WhatsApp provides a business account for businesses to directly get in touch with their audience. It is free to use and has a better reach because people may often not read their mails or answer your calls, but they often open their messages. You can use the catalog feature of this account to present your products, write a small description about them, and organise them in a simple manner for your customers to browse through. It has a business profile feature where buyers can easily see all your information like email address, business description, website information etc. You can organise your clientele better with labels like ‘potential client,’ ‘senior clients,’ ‘new clients,’ etc. based on your needs. It has an automated replies feature that can send a pre-set message to your clients when they text you, greeting them even when you are away. Most importantly, WhatsApp helps you establish a personal connection with your clients which builds trust and also network.
  4. Create or curate – You will need smart, simple, and apt content to engage your audience. On social media, your posts should be a mix of educational, informative, marketing posts, and query-related posts to engage your audience on multiple levels. Simply pushing products will not help you in the long run because the people who have already bought your product will leave your page. That being said, there are two ways of offering content, curation and creation. You can curate content from different sources for your audience. One Assure creates relevant content and shares collateral images with its partners. One Assure creates content that the partners can use for learning, educating their clients and exploring new opportunities. Our partners are welcome to share these resources to grow more. Or you can create your own content based on the exact needs of your clients.
  5. Be consistent and interact – Share content regularly. Remember, social media has a limited attention span, if you are out of sight you are out of mind. Furthermore, respond to people who engage you on social media. Your personal interaction will create trust and you will be able to build a community. This will help you find new leads and increase your conversions.
  6. Monitor the response – Keep a close watch on what kind of content people consume more, what kind of questions they ask, how do they respond to your product-specific posts etc. These small details will help you sharpen your messaging and help you grow your audience.
  7. Experiment – Even when you intend to conduct business, it is not necessary to always communicate in serious tones. Your content, posts, and interactions should be aimed at initiating conversations. You can be smart, witty, and humorous as well. It improves people’s trust to know that they are conversing with a person rather than a business entity.

Following the above steps, to begin with, can help you create a good social media presence that will improve your business. Keep in mind, this is social media, being social and conversational is the simplest way to succeed.

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