Pregnant? Here are some important aspects to keep in mind

Pregnancy and starting a family are important milestones of life, especially when it is your first time. Right from pregnancy to childbirth, a couple’s journey can be an exciting and adventurous one as they discover new aspects, every day. 

Besides being joyous, pregnancy also gives you time to prepare for the coming baby so that you can start your family on the right note. While doctors and the elders in the family would give you invaluable advice on how to make your pregnancy a good time, here are some important aspects that you should keep in mind –

Do not skip doctor appointments

The 9-month long journey requires you to visit your gynaecologist regularly for routine check-ups. The doctor examines the mother and the foetus to assess normal development and to prescribe the required medications and tests.

While most of you keep your appointments, some might skip it, especially if you have other pressing things to take care of. But remember, nothing is more pressing than a healthy pregnancy. So, do not miss or skip your doctor’s appointments. If there is another emergency, reschedule the appointment but do not miss it.

Take special care of your diet

Having a proper diet is essential as the baby depends on the mother’s diet for nutrition. Ensure that the mother is well-fed. Moreover, any supplements and medicines recommended by the doctor should not be given a miss.


Mothers should always exercise during pregnancy. This not only maintains their health but also helps alleviate any pregnancy-induced illness. Moreover, it aids in healthy childbirth.  

Stay away from stress

Stress is bad for the mother as well as the child. So, mothers should stay away from stress and surround themselves with a happy environment. Practice meditation, yoga or go for a calm walk to ease your mind.

Invest in a health insurance plan

Lastly, and most importantly, a health insurance plan is a must. The plan gives you financial aid in meeting the costs of pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy and health insurance – the need

Wondering what health insurance has got to do with pregnancy? Well, the answer is simple – financial security.

Pregnancy and childbirth can prove to be costly, especially when medical inflation is steadily increasing. While the advancing technology has eased up the process of childbirth, considerable expenses are incurred on delivery and prenatal and postnatal care. Moreover, if, God forbid, the newborn needs medical attention, the costs can multiply.

A health insurance plan can help cover these medical costs if you have chosen a suitable plan. The plan, thus, provides financial assistance in covering the costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth. This, in turn, helps you save for your child’s future rather than paying the expensive hospital bills. 

How to buy a suitable health insurance policy?

While health insurance can alleviate your financial dilemma, it comes in handy only if the plan provides coverage against possible medical expenses. That is why it becomes imperative to choose the right plan. Here are some things that you should know about health insurance plans and their coverage for pregnancy –

Not all health insurance plans cover maternity and childbirth. Some plans allow the coverage as an inbuilt part of their coverage while some allow maternity coverage on an optional basis. Then there are plans which do not cover maternity at all, not even on an optional basis. So, check the coverage when buying the policy. 

Maternity coverage in health plans includes the cost of childbirth. Some plans also extend coverage for pre and post-natal care. Some plans also cover infertility treatment as a part of maternity benefits.

There is a waiting period for maternity cover. This period ranges from 9 months to 48 months. So, if you are already pregnant, you would not be able to avail yourself of the coverage. That’s why it is recommended to buy the plan immediately after marriage so that you can get covered when you actually plan a family.

There are coverage restrictions on maternity. Check these restrictions. Choose a plan that offers the widest coverage.

Many plans allow coverage for the newborn as an inbuilt benefit if maternity cover is provided. Some, however, allow the coverage on an optional basis. Moreover, even if the newborn is covered, coverage is allowed for up to 90 days or till renewal, whichever is earlier. Thereafter, you have to pay an additional premium to include the child in your policy.


Note: Health Insurance Plans which do not have maternity coverage, usually have a waiting period of 90 days for the child to be added. Hence your child is at risk for the first 90 days for any medical complications

Enjoy the pregnancy phase as it can be a wonderful and enchanting time. However, prepare yourself for the new addition to the family. Invest in a health plan for financial protection in medical emergencies and also to face the cost of pregnancy. When buying a health plan, understand the scope of coverage and choose an all-inclusive policy for better protection. For more information related to maternity health check

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