Why your health insurance application is rejected?

You are all set with your medical insurance application. But your medical insurance online application is rejected. In this case, what would you do? Would you apply for health insurance again? Or, would you look at what went wrong by checking the rejection clause in your medical insurance app?

If you can relate to this health insurance application situation, read this blog further. 

Let’s first discuss reasons why your medical insurance application was rejected:

  1. Incorrect form details

Very basic, it might sound, but it is possible that your health insurance application might get rejected due to incorrectly filled form details. Therefore, you need to be careful while entering your details in your application. You should also be cautious about submitting or attaching the correct documents and/or proofs wherever required. This is one of the most essential steps to avoid medical insurance application rejection. 

  1. Pre-existing illnesses

Another aspect to be cautious about while you apply for health insurance are pre-existing illnesses. Here’s why it’s crucial.

Every insurer wants to choose a healthy insured to reduce their business risk. Therefore, your application might get rejected if you have major health concerns related to pre-existing disorders like diabetes, kidney or heart diseases, hypertension, etc. This rejection will be simply on the insurer’s prediction that you might frequently require medical aid to manage and treat your pre-existing conditions. Thus, they might consider you more prone to claim and with a higher risk than other applicants. 

  1. Age 

Most health plans in India have an upper age limit. Mostly, this upper age limit to health insurance lies between 50 to 60 years of age. Therefore, your health insurance application can get rejected if your age is above the maximum permissible entry age at the time of your application. Therefore, your medical insurance online application will not be approved. 

  1. Working in hazardous conditions

Health insurance companies can exclude people working under certain professions that they consider risky or hazardous. These can include jobs like fire-fighting, mountaineering, or any other profession that has inherent health risks associated with them. 

  1. A sooner claim in earlier policy

A few times, insurers also deny health insurance if you have made a claim in the initial years of your policy. This can happen in case of porting and not renewals of the policy and might happen irrespective of your illness being critical in nature or not. For example, a kidney-treatment hospitalisation within a few years of your policy might mark you ‘risky to be covered’ by insurance companies. 

Now that you know the possible reasons for your medical insurance application rejection let’s look at what you can do next.

Here’s what you can do once your medical insurance application is rejected:

  • Do not give up on your health insurance goal. 
  • Look for the possible cause of health insurance application rejection.
  • Apply again, managing the grounds for rejection that happened in your earlier application. 
  • Look for solutions like family floater plans, add-ons, critical illness plans and more.
  • Compare similar plans from multiple trusted brands to find the one that suits your needs perfectly. 
  • Seek health insurance advice from a qualified health insurance professional. 

To sum it up

Health insurance application rejection is a common phenomenon that can happen to anyone. The key to securing oneself against medical emergencies is to be under the health insurance umbrella in an informed way. This can cover you during uncertainties in a comprehensive manner.

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