Which Super Top-up Medical Insurance to Buy?

Famous novelist Mark Twain once said, “Comparison is the death of joy”. 

Yes, it can be a tedious task to compare things over various parameters. However, it’s a very significant part if you wish to choose something that fits your needs perfectly. Choosing a Super Top-up Medical Insurance is no different. 

Super top-up medical insurance is a way to increase your medical insurance cover at a nominal cost. If you want to know more about super top-up plans, you can read this blog

Here are a few aspects you can look at while comparing super top-up medical insurance:

  • Deductible limit 

Ideally, the deductible limit of the super top-up should be equal to the sum insured of the basic policy.

Before you look for anything else, remember this golden rule of super top-up. 

If your hospitalisation expenses are less than the sum insured, the basic policy will take care of it. If they are more than the sum insured, the super top-up will take care of it.

If you follow this rule, your insurance policy arsenal will be optimal.

  • Network Hospitals Near You

Take a look at the list of network hospitals of the policy. The one with quality network hospitals in your area is the better pick.

  • Premium

You may rank eligible medical insurance policies based on other features. For policies with a similar ranking, the better choice would be to compare premiums.

  • Health Monitoring

A few medical insurance plans have health monitoring benefits like:

  • Periodic, free of cost medical checkups.
  • Regular doctor’s consultations on the house.
  • Complimentary nutritionist’s consultations from time to time.
  • Tie-ups with health service providers like Gymnasiums for discounted services.

Won’t it make sense if any health monitoring benefits are a part of your medical insurance plan? Take time to think about it. 

  • Riders

Riders are extra benefits that you may include in your medical insurance. However, you will need to pay an extra premium on them. Insurance cover for critical illnesses like cancer, kidney failure and more is one rider. Another can be accident insurance. Compare the extra premium for these policies. 

  • Exclusions

Exclusions are conditions that are not covered or are excluded from the policy. Many medical insurance plans have a lot of exclusions. Plans may exclude specific procedures for Hernia, Cataracts and more. Especially during the initial term of the medical insurance. Some may exclude dental procedures. Some others might exclude HIV/AIDS. And still others, eye-related procedures. It is prudent to check for and compare them while choosing medical insurance.

  • Waiting Period for Pre-existing Conditions

Diabetes, asthma, hypertension, certain cardiac conditions, and more are included as pre-existing conditions. Meaning, if they were diagnosed before you signed up for medical insurance, your claim against the treatment of these can be denied before your wait period is over. 

Different insurers have different wait periods for pre-existing illnesses. You must be aware of the waiting period and compare different policies before choosing one. 

Make an Educated Choice based on the Criteria Mentioned Above

Wow! quite a list it is, isn’t it? Did you learn a lot of insurance terms as you went through it? These are the terms that every insurance agent and advertisement may not tell you about. 

A simple way to make quick comparisons can be by visiting an insurance broker or aggregator platform. Check eligible policies against these criteria. You can then buy the most appropriate super top-up policy for your needs.

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