What are the best exercises to stay healthy

The exercises that keep your body and mind thoroughly engaged, active, and fully functional are crucial for a healthy life.

Staying healthy means that your body and your mind, both, are in a state of well-being. The exercises that keep your body and mind thoroughly engaged, active, and fully functional are, therefore, crucial for a healthy life. The following five exercises are highly engaging in this respect and you can choose any based on your personal needs.


Walking is one of the most recommended exercises that require no additional equipment and can be done anywhere. It is one of the best cardiovascular workout that strengthens the heart and burns calories. It improves your breathing patterns and reduces the risk of strokes considerably. Walking can also have therapeutic effects on your body as it releases your pent-up energy and helps you calm your mind.


Swimming is a complete body-exercise as almost all parts of your body are engaged in the act. It improves the functioning of your joints, helps you lose weight, and keeps your muscles toned. Swimming works directly to improve your coordination, balance, and posture. Furthermore, as you swim you regulate your breathing pattern which means that even your mind is fully engaged in the act, working in sync with your body, to improve your overall health.


Running or jogging is another exercise that stimulates your entire body. It helps in strengthening bones as a weight-bearing exercise and keeps your joints in healthy condition. It burns calories at a significant rate helping you tone down faster. It is a great cardiovascular exercise and it regulates your breathing, movements, body-coordination, and considerably improves your stamina.

Strength Training 

Strength training uses weights to improve your muscle capacity and burn calories. A complete set of strength training engages all your muscle groups significantly improving your cardiovascular health. Regular strength training improves your metabolism, optimises energy levels in your body, and helps your body cope better with chronic diseases.


Cycling is less strenuous than many other forms of exercise but involves all your major muscle groups. It can be optimised to your pace and you can increase the intensity of exercise as you see fit. It directly improves your stamina, strength, cardiovascular health, and your metabolism while improving your joint mobility. Cycling has been found to strengthen bones, improve body posture, and reduce stress levels, which means that your body and your mind become healthier with time.

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