Ways to initiate for health insurance with your customers

In the post-corona world, as people become more alert towards better health care practices, health insurers need to adopt a new sales pitch for them as well.

Our lives, as a result of the Covid pandemic, have changed drastically. Numerous aspects of our lives that we took for granted earlier have acquired new meaning and health, in itself, has become the focus of our lives. In the post-corona world, as people become more alert towards better health care practices, health insurers need to adopt a new sales pitch for them as well. The health insurance conversation, as a result, would also change and here’s how you can initiate those conversations:

1. The medium of communication

The first thing to realise is that the medium of communication would also change in the post-corona world. A face-to-face conversation and a physical meeting may not be always possible. The insurance agent, therefore, needs to adopt technology for their benefit. An insurance agent will have to improve their online presence, reach out to new clients over emails, set up their own websites, improve their social media presence, etc. Generating new leads may be a bit difficult in the beginning but as you reach out to more people, your network would start growing as well.

2. Change of pitch

Insurance products, before the pandemic, were sold with more emphasis on the investment side of things. They were introduced as an investment and savings tool rather than a protection cover. This will immediately change in the post-corona world. Given the large-scale of the pandemic and the global awareness of it’s deadly nature, health insurance as a protective cover would align with the client’s needs. A new customer, in the post-corona world, would be more interested in protecting themselves than looking at insurance as an investment tool. An insurance agent would need to change their sales pitch accordingly.

3. Elaborate on the unpredictability

The pandemic has made people realise the unpredictability of health concerns. People are acknowledging that they never know how, when, and why their health may deteriorate. They are not sure when a new disease may emerge and affect them. This unpredictability is a cause for great concern and an insurance agent should look to provide solutions for these concerns. The conversation should be about how insurance products can help them shield against the monetary impact of the most unpredictable of health problems. Everybody knows that hospitals, for example, are charging huge amounts for admitting Covid patients. This real life example could be used to explain how health insurance could have helped in such times.

4. Elaborate on the facts

The conversation about health insurance should also emphasise on the facts of life in the post-corona world. Unemployment, layoffs, rising medical costs, etc. are just a few among others that will impact a large number of people. Health insurance would, at least, be able to protect a person against monetary loss due to health concerns. This fact would help potential clients gain a better perspective and push them towards purchase.

5. Comprehensive cover

Before the pandemic, many clients just got the basic plans and were not too concerned with the illnesses covered. They focused more on the amount insured than the comprehensive nature of the plan. In the post-corona world, an insurance agent would need to emphasise on plans that provide larger coverage in terms of diseases, covers more ailments, and also shields against novel diseases like COVID-19. This would help the potential buyer make a purchase since they are now aware how unpredictable things can get.

6. Features are important

Earlier, people didn’t focus a lot on some of the essential features like room-rent, cashless transactions, health reward policies, etc. as long as the sum insured was large. Due to corona, people have realised the importance of a personal room in times of illness, hassle-free cashless transactions, leading a healthy lifestyle, etc. A health insurance agent would need to present these facts to the potential buyer, during their conversation, in order to make them understand that features are as important as the sum insured.

Essentially, any conversation about health insurance now should reflect the contrast in our lives before and after COVID-19. Focusing on the priorities that people now have will help agents be more effective in their sales pitch and would help them initiate a better dialogue, professionally.

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