Top 10 Wedding Gifts For The Newly Married Couple

Weddings celebrate the union of two people and are celebrated with much enthusiasm. Loved ones are invited, and there’s a grand party and also a feast. Weddings also involve gifting. Every attendee brings a gift to wish the couple a remarkable journey ahead. When it comes to wedding gifts, there are too many choices. However, the ideal gift should be well-thought-of, relevant, useful and beneficial for the couple. So, here’s a list of the top 10 gifts that you can pick for the newly married couple –

Personalised art

Nothing spells thoughtfulness as a personalised art piece. Invest in a portrait or painting of the couple, caricature art, a sculpture of the couple, etc. which they can use in their homes. 

Pro tip: Invest in oil paint which is subtle, rich and also has good artistic value.

Home décor

Home décor is an evergreen gift that adds aesthetic value to the home. Whether it is showpieces, wall clocks, door hangings, or photo frames, you can never go wrong with home décor items. 

Pro tip: Choose items in the colour that match the interiors of the couple’s home. If you are unsure about the same, pick neutral colours like golden, brown, beige, etc. which match most of the interiors. 


Jewellery pieces are suitable for both the bride and the groom. They are like assets which also have an ornamental value. If you invest in gold or silver jewellery, you give the couple an asset whose value would appreciate with time. 

Pro tip: Jewellery, especially in gold or silver, might prove to be a bit expensive. So, estimate your budget before you venture out shopping for jewellery. 


Cash is the fail-safe gift which is preferred by many. By gifting cash, you give the couple the flexibility to spend the money as they deem fit. The wedding couple can also use the collected cash gifts to start a fixed deposit or an investment for their financial goals.

Pro tip: Remember, cash gifts given on the occasion of marriage are tax-free in the hands of the couple. So, this can work in their favour.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are also a good idea as they jazz up a home and prove to be a great help in the kitchen. You can opt for large appliances like a refrigerator or a microwave or choose small handy ones like juicers, mixer grinders, blenders, etc.

Pro tip: Invest in quality brands when gifting kitchen appliances. They have durability and also are easier to repair. 

Holiday package

A romantic holiday package is always a favourite. The couple gets a chance to take a break and travel to exotic locales. You can gift a complete package or a stay package at a luxury resort.

Pro tip: Choose destinations keeping in mind the weather. Moreover, gift a flexible package that can be customized per their tastes with flexible dates too. 

Fitness Tracker Watch

An effective way to monitor your daily physical activity is to keep track with a fitness tracker watch. The watch can keep a track of your sleep, walking steps, heart rate, and water consumption, helping you stay motivated and work towards the set goal.

Healthy Snack Gift Hamper:

In the era of dual-career couples, it is a life saviour to have an instant breakfast or a go-to meal. Healthy Snack gift hamper takes care of time constraints and is a healthy alternative for working couples.

Fitness Equipment

A couple who exercises together stays together. Working out together has shown an increase in overall happiness within a relationship. Fitness equipment for such couples can be an extremely useful tool for their new phase of life.

Knack Daily Detox Spa Gift Set

After a hectic and tiring wedding ritual, the Wedding couple can be blessed with a spa routine to relax their mind and body. It can work wonders after extensive workout sessions too. From the stressful and tough schedule, this wedding gift can work wonders for the newly married couple.


A must-have in every healthy kitchen. A quicker and effortless way of making shakes, protein products, ice creams, blending soups and sauces and whipping up salsas and spreads can make the task of a working couple much easier and faster. 


Plants are a symbol of good luck, wealth, hope and positivity. They make a perfect gift for the newlywed couple to start a new phase of their life. It is one of the most durable wedding gifts for couples and the vibrant colours of the flowers along with the green resilient leaves make it a timeless appeal.  Let the lovely couple make their home healthy and lively.


For the tech-savvy couple, gadgets can make a wonderful wedding gift. Choose from mobile phones, tablets, Smartwatches, wireless headphones, etc. The choices are many and the gift would be instantly moved.

Pro Tip: Investing in a good brand is essential in the case of gadgets too. Also, include the warranty card and the bill so that in the case of any issues, the couple can get the gadgets repaired or replaced.


Perfumes can also make a wonderful gift. You can invest in a male and female perfume of the same brand so that the couple smells great together.

Pro tip: Brand is important as it gives stature to your gift and also matches the preference of the couple. 

An investment plan

An investment plan bought in the name of the couple can also be a great wedding gift. It would give the couple funds for their financial goals and help with their financial planning too. Investment plans prove to be a relevant asset in everyone’s life as it helps in corpus creation.

Pro tip: You can choose from mutual fund SIPs, fixed deposits, post-office deposits, etc. If the investment requires regular savings, inform a couple of the same and ask them to continue the investment for creating a suitable corpus. 

Health insurance

Lastly, a health insurance plan is another thoughtful, relevant and useful gift for the couple. The plan provides them with financial security in medical emergencies. Furthermore, if you choose a plan with inbuilt maternity coverage, which is recommended, the wedding couple would get financial assistance when they start their family which can be one of the best gifts.

Pro tip: Buy a comprehensive health plan for the couple and do not forget maternity coverage. Opt for a family floater plan covering the husband and the wife. Also, an optimal sum insured is essential to sufficiently cover the expensive medical bills.

Gifting can be challenging when you don’t know what to get. However, with this list wedding gifting is sorted. Opt for any of these gifts and make the couple grateful for your thoughtfulness. If you are family, opt for a health insurance plan which would give them financial security in emergencies, the best gift one can give to the wedding couple. To know more about health insurance check

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