Maternity health insurance plans in India

The joy of maternity is indescribable. So are its costs. While pregnancy and childbirth mark a new chapter in your life, the medical expenses associated with the same can prove to be a burden. That is why many health insurance plans offer maternity coverage as a part of their plan benefits. This coverage comes in handy in meeting the costs of deliveries and pre and post-natal care.

In India, many health insurance plans offer maternity coverage. Here’s a look at some of the most popular ones –

Name of the planCoverage limit for childbirthNewborn baby coverage Maternity waiting periodSum insured allowed 
Care JoyUp to Rs.50,000Up to Rs.50,0009 months or 24 monthsRs.3 lakhs or Rs.5 lakhs
Star Women Care Insurance PolicyUp to Rs.1 lakhUp to 25% of the sum insured 12 months or 24 monthsRs.5 lakhs to Rs.1 crore
Niva Bupa Health Premia Up to Rs.2 lakhsUp to the sum insured 24 monthsRs.1 lakh to Rs.50 lakhs
HDFC ERGO Easy Health FamilyUp to Rs.50,000Covered on an optional basis36 months or 48 monthsRs.2 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs
Universal Sompo Complete Health Insurance  Up to Rs.2 lakhsCovered under the maternity limit36 months that can be changed to 24 months at an additional premium Rs.1 lakh to Rs.50 lakhs
Niva Bupa HeartbeatUp to Rs.2 lakhsUp to the sum insured24 monthsRs.5 lakhs to Rs.1 crore
Star Young Star GoldUp to Rs.30,000Not available36 monthsRs.5 lakhs to Rs.1 crore
Star Comprehensive Up to Rs.1 lakhUp to Rs.2 lakhs24 monthsRs.5 lakhs to Rs.1 crore
GoDigit Smart (Silver is not available)Up to Rs.20,000Up to Rs.20,00024 monthsRs.5 lakhs to Rs.1 crore
GoDigit Comfort (Gold is not available)Up to Rs.40,000Up to Rs.40,00024 monthsRs.5 lakhs to Rs.1 crore

While you saw the basics, here are other salient features of the afore-listed plans –

Care Joy:

Care Joy is a specially designed ;maternity-oriented health insurance plan. Some of its salient features include the following –

  • Two plan variants of Joy Today and Joy Tomorrow
  • Coverage for newborn baby’s birth defects is available under Joy Tomorrow
  • The maternity waiting period is the lowest in the industry 

Star Women Care Insurance Policy

A health plan designed specifically for women Star Women Care provides a host of maternity-related coverage benefits. Have a look –

  • Assisted reproductive treatments are covered; under the plan after a waiting period of 36 months. Coverage is available for up to Rs.3 lakhs
  • Outpatient expenses incurred on ante-natal care; after the pregnancy is confirmed and covered.
  • In Utero foetal surgeries or repairs are covered for specific treatments
  • The expenses incurred on voluntary sterilization are covered
  • A lump sum amount; up to Rs.40,000 is paid; if you suffer a miscarriage due to an accident
  • Hospitalisation expenses of the newborn baby are covered
  • Vaccination expenses incurred for up to 12 months from the baby’s birth are covered
  • The cost of metabolic screening of the newborn is covered
  • You can avail up to paediatrician consultations for the baby. The cost of the consultation would be covered by the plan up to Rs.500
  • You can avail of unlimited gynaecological consultations under the policy

Niva Bupa Health Premia

A comprehensive health insurance plan, Health Premia provides coverage for childbirth and other maternity-related expenses. Here’s a look at the salient features of the plan –

  • The newborn baby is covered up to the end of the policy year. There is, thus, no limit of 91-day coverage from birth
  • The vaccination expenses of the newborn are covered; till the baby completes one year of age
  • Maternity coverage is allowed for up to 2 pregnancies or terminations

HDFC ERGO Easy Health Family 

This is a popular health plan that comes in different variants and offers coverage for maternity-related expenses. The features of the plan are as follows –

  • Pre and post-natal coverage are included in maternity expenses
  • Maternity expenses also include the coverage for the newborn baby up to specified limits

Universal Sompo Complete Health Insurance 

As is evident from the name; this is a comprehensive health insurance plan that offers a mix of both inbuilt and optional coverage features. The salient features are as follows –

  • Higher coverage limits for normal and Caesarean deliveries 
  • Pre and post-natal coverage comes inbuilt under the maternity benefit

With so many plans available, you can choose a policy for covering the maternity-related expenses when you start planning for a family. Some tips when choosing the plan are as follows –

  • Opt for a higher sum insured because the maternity limit increases with increasing levels of coverage
  • Buy the plan as soon as possible so that you can wait out the waiting period
  • Look for plans that provide coverage against complicated deliveries, assisted reproductive treatments, etc.
  • Compare the coverage vis-à-vis the premium to get a comprehensive plan at competitive rates

Niva Bupa Heartbeat

The plan is a comprehensive policy that comes in two variants of Gold and Platinum. The salient features of the plan are as follows –

  • The newborn baby cover is allowed up to the end of the policy tenure; automatically
  • The coverage for the baby includes the vaccination expenses and that too up to the sum insured 
  • The sum insured increases every year by 10% as loyalty bonus even if you make a claim

Star Young Star Gold

The plan offers coverage to young families. Some of the salient features include the following –

  • Pre and post-natal expenses are covered under the maternity cover
  • Coverage is allowed for up to two deliveries

Star Comprehensive 

As the name suggests, this is a comprehensive policy that allows coverage for a range of maternity-related expenses. Some of the notable features include the following –

  • The newborn’s vaccination expenses are covered till the child completes one year of age
  • If the newborn suffers any medical complications, the treatment costs would be covered

Go Digit Smart and Comfort

Go Digit’s Smart and Comfort are different variants of Go Digit’s comprehensive health insurance plan. Both the variants offer maternity coverage. The features include the following –

  • Vaccination costs of the newborn baby are covered from delivery till 90 days
  • Complications arising out of pregnancy are also covered under the plan
  • You get covered for infertility treatments too

Secure your finances as you start your family with a health insurance plan. With a range of plans available; you would be spoilt for choice. Do your research on and then buy a suitable policy.

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