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A perfect health insurance plan is an urgent need for anyone with a family history of diabetes.

Diabetes is not a hereditary disease but your genes may make you vulnerable to this illness and your lifestyle may trigger it. People who have a history of diabetes in the family are also prone to the diseases associated with it like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, etc. According to studies, the medical expense arising out of diabetes could be anywhere between 80,000 to lakhs of rupees in a year. Due to these significant risk factors, insurance underwriters treat diabetes at par with hereditary diseases and consider it for loading (additional cost built into the policy for high-risk cases).

A perfect health insurance plan, therefore, is an urgent need for anyone with a family history of diabetes.

Which is the best plan to buy if you have a history of diabetes in your family?

Case 1: If you are not yet diagnosed with diabetes but have a family history of chronic diseases.

It is advisable in this case that you buy a regular health insurance plan that covers diabetes and has lifetime renewability as it costs less for the same coverage amount. It may have a 2-4 years waiting period but you can always purchase a diabetes-specific add-on to increase your coverage. 

Or you can opt for Aditya Birla Health Platinum Enhanced Plan for the simple fact that the cover starts from day 1 itself under its Chronic Management Program and provides cover for diagnostic tests, doctor consultations, hospitalization, and also the cost of medicine from the moment you sign up.

This plan adds 20% to the sum insured automatically for every year without a claim up to a maximum of 100% of sum insured. Apart from supporting you financially, Aditya Birla Plan offers guidance and counseling for policyholders through wellness coaches to help them lead a healthier life.

Case 2: If you have a family history of diabetes and you have the illness too.

Religare’s Care Freedom Plan for Diabetes is one of the best plans available in this scenario because:

  1. It covers both in-patient care and day care treatments up to the total sum insured.
  2. It provides upto Rs. 1,000 per day (till 7 days) for non-medical expenses like commuting, consumables, attendant’s cost etc. Between day care treatment and consumable allowance, your expense on essentials like monthly insulin dosage gets sufficient coverage.
  3. If the hospitalisation exceeds 10 days, it also provides for ‘Companion Benefit (the expense of having someone care for you) upto Rs. 15,000.
  4. Domiciliary hospitalisation is covered upto 10% of the sum insured. This means that even if hospitalisation is needed but isn’t possible due to some reason, you will receive reimbursements for medical expenses incurred during domestic hospitalisation to the tune of 10% of your cover.
  5. This plan automatically recharges your insured amount in case it is exhausted due to claims, ensuring you are protected at all times. 
  6. The plan offers reimbursement of upto 10% of Sum Insured for medical expenses incurred 30 days before and 30 days after you are hospitalised, ensuring comprehensive care for a longer period of time.
  7. And it offers dialysis coverage of up to Rs. 1,000 per sitting for 24 consecutive months. This is crucial because renal failure and kidney diseases are some of the most common consequences of living with diabetes.

Star Diabetes Safe Insurance Plan is another diabetes-specific plan that you can opt for because of the following benefits it offers:

  1. It has two plans, Plan A and Plan B, to offer. Plan A covers the expenses due to complications of Diabetes immediately but it requires a preliminary medical test. Plan B covers those expenses after 12 months but it does not require a medical test.
  2. The sum insured could be as much as Rs 10 Lakh and it covers OPD expenses like  medical consultation, other diagnostics, medicines, and drugs to the tune of Rs 5,500. This cover helps you manage the medical expenses like the cost of buying insulin shots.
  3. It also covers the cost of Fasting and Post Prandial and HbA1C tests (once every six months) up to Rs.750/- per event up to Rs.1500/- per policy period. This helps you monitor your health better.
  4. Importantly, dialysis expenses at the rate of Rs.1000/- per sitting up to 24 months, commencing from the month it is prescribed.

These are some of the most important plans you can opt for based on your needs and find the plan that suits you perfectly.

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