Health Insurance Plans Offered by HDFC Ergo

Are you seeking an insurer that can provide a comprehensive set of health insurance plans? What if you can choose from a variety of add-on health services as well? If that’s what you are looking for, HDFC Ergo health insurance can be one of the options. 

Let’s understand the HDFC health insurance plans in detail with the help of four basic questions:

What are the types of plans HDFC Ergo health insurance offers?

HDFC Ergo offers various health insurance plans for individuals, parents, family, senior citizens, critical illnesses and super top-up. In total, there are ten plans provided by HDFC Ergo health insurance. 

Let’s look at each one of these plans in detail :

1. Optima Restore Health Plan

This is a family health insurance plan that can ensure your financial security during the hospitalisation of all members covered under it. The plan has lifetime renewability and no copay or sub-limits for location or room for treatment in any network hospital.

2. My: Health Suraksha Insurance – Platinum Smart Plan

This is also a family health insurance plan specially designed for individuals, families and senior citizens. It offers multiple sums insured options ranging from ₹3 lakhs to ₹75 lakhs. In addition, there are numerous wellness features and discounts available with this plan.

3. HDFC Ergo My: Health Medisure Super Top-up

This is a top-up health insurance plan that can give you additional coverage for your existing individual health cover. Therefore, you can get a higher sum insured at a lower premium with this top-up plan. In addition, this plan covers the cost of non-allopathic treatment.

4. HDFC Ergo Critical Illness Insurance

This is a critical health insurance plan that covers illnesses like Cancer, Stroke and other listed diseases that can be life-threatening.

5. iCan

There are two variants of the HDFC Ergo iCan plan viz., iCan essential and iCan enhanced. You can select these plans based on your coverage requirement of Cancer diagnosis, lump sum over the base assured, payout basis and more.

6. HDFC Ergo My: Health Women Suraksha

This plan is specially designed for the health insurance needs of women. It offers financial security against surgeries, minor and major treatments and listed critical illnesses.

7. Corona Kavach Policy

This plan can financially guard you against the Coronavirus treatment cost.

8. Energy- An Exclusive Plan for Diabetes

This is an individual health insurance plan specifically for Diabetes. Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT), Hypertension and Impaired Fasting Glucose (IFG) can get covered under this wellness management plan.

9. Health Wallet Family Floater

This is a comprehensive and flexible family health insurance plan that can cover the in-patient and out-patient expenses of your family member’s treatment.

10. HDFC Ergo Optima Super

HDFC Ergo’s Optima super top-up cover can enhance your existing health insurance coverage on a cost-sharing basis. In this plan, you can choose from the varied sum assured options and deductible combinations.

What are the key features of HDFC Ergo health insurance plans?

Here are the key features of health insurance plans by HDFC Ergo: 

  • Most of the plans come with lifetime renewability and simple and hassle-free processing. 
  • The plans have tried to cover individuals comprehensively, and family health insurance needs with a wide range of products.
  • As per the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) Report 2019-20, HDFC Ergo has settled 99.8% of claims within three months.

What add-on covers can be purchased with HDFC health insurance?

When you buy HDFC health insurance, you can also purchase the following add-on covers:

  • Their Critical Illness Cover covers a minimum of 10 to 15 terminal illnesses (maximum 38 for specific plans.
  • Personal accident cover for every outcome of an accident (including accidental death). 
  • Top-up plans to enhance your base plan coverage.

Are there any entry age limitations for me to buy HDFC Ergo health insurance?

There are no entry age limits for adults, and for children, the entry age limit is 91 days. 

It can be easier to evaluate if you wish to buy HDFC health insurance with all these details. You can probably first chart out your insurance needs and then compare them with the suitable plan to find a match.

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