Health Insurance Plans by Star Health Insurance

Star Health Insurance embodies its specialisations of being caring, personalised, and an expert in its logo itself. It would be interesting to see how Star Health Insurance has brought out its specialisations in its policies. 

Star Health Insurance aims to comprehensively cover individuals, families and senior citizens through its wide range of plans. 

Let’s look at the policy options you get by opting to buy Star Health Insurance. 

Here are details about its health insurance plans:

Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Plan

This plan is a specially designed health insurance plan for senior citizens. It covers daycare procedures, in-patient hospitalisation expenses (including medications, nursing fees, and other related expenses), and organ donor treatment costs. 

Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy

This policy is a family floater insurance plan covering family members aged three months to 65 years. In the case of childbirth, this policy gives automatic coverage for the maternity cost and the newborn. It also covers you in case of a hospitalisation caused due to a personal accident, ophthalmic treatment, bariatric surgeries, domiciliary hospitalisation and more. 

Family Health Optima Insurance Policy 

With this policy, you and your family can be covered under a single sum insured. In case of childbirth, your newborn baby is covered from the 16th day onwards. The plan also covers certain organ transplant expenses, accidental death and disability, outpatient dental treatment, air ambulance expenses and more. 

Critical Illness Plans

Star Health Insurance offers three critical illness plans, namely, Star Cardiac Care Policy (covering cardiac and related non-cardiac treatment), Star Cancer Care Gold Policy (for people diagnosed with cancer) and Star Criticare Plus Plan (covering nine specified critical illnesses and ones with family history).

Star MediClassic Health Insurance 

This policy covers hospitalisation costs on any illness or disease, or injury. It also covers non-allopathic treatment, psychiatric and psychosomatic disorder treatment. 

Star Health Gain Insurance Plan

 With this policy, you can claim mediclaim along with your family, and it covers both in-patient and outpatient expenses. For every claim, a 20% copay is applicable. 

Star Super Surplus Insurance Plan

This is a top-up health insurance plan, i.e. it provides coverage benefits over and above your base plan. You don’t need to get medical screening for buying this plan. 

Star Diabetes Safe Insurance Plan

This plan covers both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and other health complications related to it. You can claim personal accident compensation up to 100% of the opted sum insured with this plan. You can either buy this plan for an individual (yourself) or a family floater (2 members – self and spouse). 

Star Special Care Insurance Policy 

This plan is specially built for parents wanting to cover children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The coverage can help them get the best possible treatment for their children (between 3 years to 25 years of age who are diagnosed with Autism disorder). 

Covid19 Specific Plans

Star Health Insurance offers three health insurance plans for the treatment of Coronavirus. These plans are Corona Rakshak, Corona Kavach and Star Novel Coronavirus (nCov) Covid insurance policy.  

Star Outpatient Care Health Insurance Plan

As its name suggests, this plan covers the outpatient consultation cost for individuals and family members. It covers costs associated with Homeopathy, Unani, Neuropathy, Yoga, Siddha and Ayurvedic treatment. You can cover your diagnostic, medical and physiotherapy costs with a Star Outpatient Care Health Insurance Plan.

Arogya Sanjeevani Policy

This is basic health insurance for comprehensive coverage of a wide range of treatments. Its coverage includes:

  • Room rent.
  • ICU treatment.
  • Twelve modern treatments (such as stem cell therapy, balloon sinuplasty and more).
  • Non-allopathic treatments.
  • Other in-patient treatment expenses. 

Young Star Insurance Policy 

This plan is uniquely designed for covering individuals up to 40 years of age. You can choose any available two plan types, namely, silver plan and gold plan. This plan comes with the Star wellness program, where you can earn points and get renewal discounts. 

Star Accident Care Insurance Policy 

You can cover accidental injuries, disability and death with this plan. You are eligible for this plan if you are within 18 years to 70 years. Star accident care plan also provides an education grant to the dependent children on their parent’s demise.

Star Hospital Cash Insurance Plan 

This plan covers explicitly miscellaneous expenses you may have during hospitalisation. These can include food, travelling, sickness, hospital cash, convalescence expenses and more. 

That was quite a list. You can look at the various plans mentioned above and buy a suitable comprehensive plan by Star Health Insurance. 

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