Does Your Diet Impact Your Health Insurance?

“You are what you eat?”. And, your health insurance majorly depends on what you are—are you an individual having numerous illnesses in your medical history? Or, are you a completely healthy individual with a balanced lifestyle? 

Your health insurance cost will ultimately be a reflection of how you answer the above questions. 

Here are a few critical points on how your diet impacts your health insurance:

Different lifestyle choices and your health

You might have focussed on different factors based on which you would have decided to follow a diet. Whether you are trying to lose weight with a Mediterranean diet, reverse your diabetes with Keto, or have a balanced diet with intermittent fasting, it impacts your health and health insurance.

Importance of a balanced diet

A diet with all the required quantities of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and more is essential for the normal functioning of the mind and body. A healthy body that is free from deficiencies can keep diseases at bay. 

Similarly, the chances of critical illnesses can also be lower if you have a balanced lifestyle. These aspects have importance in determining your health insurance premium. 

Your food also impacts your mental health

It is not just your physical well-being but also your mental health that is impacted by the food you eat. Deficiencies associated with vitamins can also result in psychological disorders. For example, a severe lack of Vitamin B12 can result in psychiatric symptoms like mania, depression, cognitive impairment and more. 

Having a nutritious diet full of an average daily dose of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and more can help you maintain stable mental health.

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The medical history puzzle

Many health insurance providers keep it mandatory to have a pre-policy medical check-up during health insurance applications. 

Any history of critical illnesses caused by deficiency or infections at the time of pre-policy application will be considered a pre-existing illness. For these illnesses, different waiting periods will apply as per policy type. 

Apart from these, your medical history can also impact your health insurance premium during renewal.

It is all in your control

Maintaining your health through a healthy diet is in your control. You can ensure you have a nutrition-rich and balanced diet to have a healthy mind and body. For this, you can use various new-age mobile applications and websites to check the nutritional facts of the foods you eat. 

Similarly, you can find healthy alternatives to different foods that might improve the nutritional value of your diet. You can also do regular medical check-ups to know about your deficiencies, insufficiencies and excesses. It will help you take timely measures for any deficiency or excess rectification. You can manage your food intake accordingly, thus developing an illness-free medical journey.

Therefore, by following the points mentioned above, you can ensure that your diet positively impacts your health and health insurance.

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