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Caesarean deliveries have become the common norm in India, especially in the private sector. As per the National Family Health Survey (NFHS – 5), 47.4% of the babies being delivered in private hospitals are through surgical methods, like Caesarean, compared to 14.3% in Government hospitals. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) has predicted that C-Section deliveries would constitute 30% of all deliveries by the year 2030.

Caesarean deliveries include surgical treatments and prove to be expensive. According to data compiled from three reports issued by the Civil Registration System, the Sample Registration System and the National Sample Office (NSO), Caesarean deliveries in private hospitals might be costing the Indian households an extra expenditure of Rs.5000 crore every year. Furthermore, on a detailed analysis of the NSO report; it was found that a C-Section costs an extra Rs.16,475 in villages and Rs.19,548 in cities and towns. 

With Caesarean deliveries costing extra, can you bear the treatment costs?

Pregnancy brings with it a host of additional expenses on doctor visits, medicines, diagnostic tests, etc. Furthermore, the cost of childbirth includes a considerable expense which gets magnified. If you or your doctor opt for C-Section deliveries. These expenses burn a hole in your pockets. This is where the need for a health insurance plan is felt.

C-Section deliveries and health insurance

Many health insurance plans allow maternity coverage. Maternity coverage includes coverage for the costs associated with childbirth, both normal deliveries as well as Caesarean ones. Thus, if you choose a plan with maternity coverage; the cost of C-Section deliveries would be covered. 

The scope of coverage

Since the cost of Caesarean deliveries is higher than normal deliveries; health plans with maternity coverage offer a higher coverage limit for such deliveries. The scope of coverage includes the following –

  • Coverage for pre and post-hospitalisation medical expenses. These include the expenses incurred on doctor’s consultations, medicines, diagnostic tests, etc. both before and after hospitalisation
  • The cost of hospitalisation
  • The cost of childbirth
  • Pre and post-natal medical expenses

Furthermore, many plans allow coverage for the newborn baby too. If the baby requires any medical attention; the cost of such attention would be covered under the newborn cover.

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Coverage limitations

While you can enjoy coverage for C-Section deliveries; here are some limitations that you should keep in mind –

  • Coverage is available after a waiting period. This period can be as low as 9 months or go as high as 48 months
  • Not all health plans allow maternity coverage. Some do, some don’t. Under some plans, you might also find the coverage on an optional basis
  • There is a maximum coverage limit. This limit depends on the plan you choose and the sum insured 

What should you do?

Newly married couples or couples thinking of starting their families need a health insurance plan which offers maternity coverage. The coverage would cover the cost of Caesarean deliveries fully or partially. Moreover, the wide scope of coverage offered by health plans would take care of the associated medical expenses of hospitalisation and pregnancy too. 

Things to keep in mind

When buying a health insurance plan with maternity coverage, here are a few things that you should keep in mind –

  • Compare the different health plans that offer maternity coverage. There are a lot of options to choose from. 
  • Choose a plan that offers a higher coverage limit on Caesarean deliveries
  • Opt for a plan which has a lower waiting period for maternity
  • Plans which allow newborn baby coverage would be an added advantage 

The bottom line

A health insurance plan with maternity coverage can be a good provision to bear the costs of hospitalisation and Caesarean deliveries. Buy the plan sooner so that you can wait out the waiting period to enjoy uninterrupted coverage. Also, renew the policy timely so that you don’t lose out on the coverage benefits.

Though Caesarean deliveries are expensive, a health insurance plan can take care of the expenses and give you financial relief. Check more on

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