Asthma and health insurance application

You might be aware of lifestyle diseases like Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension and more. Have you ever wondered what would be the impact of such pre-existing illnesses on the health insurance application? 

This blog explains the specific impact of having Asthma on your medical insurance application. Let’s discuss the implications one by one.

An expensive treatment

If you are suffering from Asthma at a severe level, you can be prone to attacks and complex symptoms impacting your day-to-day life. Treatment for Asthma can be expensive. It can comprise of three parts, fees for doctor’s consultation, medications and hospitalisation expenses. Even the regular cost of normal inhalers and nebulisers can dig a hole in your finances if you calculate. Then, what would happen if you are not financially prepared for an Asthma emergency?

Therefore, you need to calculate the real cost (cost plus inflation) of your possible treatment for this illness. You can also apply for health insurance that is condition-specific in nature. Alternatively, you can apply for a daily hospitalization cash plan to cover your Asthma treatment expenses. 

A daily hospitalization cash plan can also cover the non-medical expenses you will incur during treatment.

Exclusions of procedures

While you have calculated the cost for Asthma coverage, you need to look at and compare exclusions of different insurers. While you plan to apply for medical insurance online, check for medical procedures that are covered and excluded. Compare policies to get the right coverage set. This can ensure that you are making an informed choice and don’t end up unknowingly paying for procedures that could have been covered.

Asthama patients with severe conditions might need urgent hospitalisation if their condition worsens. To cover this possibility, apply for medical insurance that includes cashless hospitalisation. Thus, you can be ensured of a quick, hassle-free as well as pocket-friendly Asthma treatment. It would also be helpful to check the claim settlement ratio of different insurers along with cashless hospitalisation to pick the most suitable cover. 


This is also one of the important aspects to look at. Mostly, Asthma condition-specific insurance policies are renewable on an annual basis. However, there are also a few plans by specific insurance providers that provide lifetime renewability. 

Another aspect of renewability is the waiting period for pre-existing conditions. Asthma being a pre-existing condition, you can also look for the waiting period for the same in different policies. 

Buying health insurance early vs at a later age

Age is a very crucial factor for health insurance premium calculation. Buying insurance at a younger age can be cheaper than buying it at a later age. Therefore, the sooner at an age you make your medical insurance online application, the better. 

You can also increase your coverage at nominal cost by buying super top-up insurance. 

Living with Asthma can be traumatic, but your financial strength to treat it need not be. Looking at the aspects mentioned above can help you compare policies in a medical insurance app in a better way. Know about health insurance and select the most suitable health insurance plan in an informed manner.

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