Alzheimer’s Disease and Health Insurance in India

Deepak is a worried man these days. His father, a senior citizen, has developed Alzheimer’s. Deepak had to rearrange things in the house to create safe spaces for his father. He has had to appoint a 24-hour attendant to take care of his father. On top of it, his father does not have insurance for mental health to cover this condition. The medical treatments are burning a huge hole in his finances.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

In a patient with Alzheimer’s, over time, the brain cells slowly degenerate and die. As a result, it affects the patient’s behaviour and social interactions. It is a leading cause of dementia in which the patient loses the ability to think and act independently.

Patients may not remember a conversation they had a few minutes ago. They might have asked a question and would have received a satisfactory reply. Instead, within minutes they might ask the same question as if the earlier conversation had never happened. 

They also tend to get distracted by noises. They tend to get clumsy and may have trouble keeping balance. Often, there is a need to create a safe space for them free from electronics or tools.


  • Decline of problem-solving abilities
  • Difficulty in task completion
  • Change in mood and personality
  • Sudden withdrawal from friends and family
  • Inability to communication
  • Loss of balance

How to Take Care of an Alzheimer’s Patient

1) Proper Routine

Patients need someone to take care of them all the time. It is a good idea to create a fixed daily routine or schedule. Schedule doctor’s appointments regularly to monitor the symptoms.

2) Reduce Distractions

Patients may get easily distracted. Even a television or music system playing in the background may be a problem. Switch off all such distractions while talking to them. This may help them understand what you are saying better.

3) Create a Safe Environment

Patients may have problems keeping their balance, and they might stumble upon rugs, carpets, cables etc. Create a safe environment free of distractions and stumbling blocks. Remove all electronic equipment, tools, sharp objects etc., from this environment.

4) Be Patient and Understanding

Patients may be overly concerned about seemingly trivial issues. They may keep asking for the same things, and they may keep repeating the same questions. As a result, they may be irritable, withdrawn and grumpy. It would help if you dealt with them with adequate patience and understanding.

Life-Changing Condition

Mental health indemnity insurance in India may not be adequate to cover Alzheimer’s. Generally, Alzheimer’s is considered a critical illness or disease. So, your indemnity policy might have it on the exclusions list. In this case, it may not be covered. Even if it is covered, the terms, conditions and limits may make the coverage less effective.

Specialised Alzheimer’s or Critical Illness Insurance

The medical expenses associated with Alzheimer’s are quite high. As a result, they have the potential to disrupt your financial plan for years to come. 

Critical illness insurance or a specialized insurance plan for Alzheimer’s are sound ideas. They can safeguard your finances from the medical expenses of Alzheimer’s.

Lump-Sum Payment

Most critical illness plans are not indemnity plans. This is because they do not cover specific expenses associated with the disease as indemnity plans do.

They disburse a lump sum amount if the insured person is diagnosed with a specified disease.

Use the Lump Sum to Cater to Associated Expenses

You may use the amount to provide for the medical expenses like consultations, treatments, medicines etc. One may use it as a provision against the loss of income of the patient. You may use it to repay debts, if any. Or you may use it to adapt to the new lifestyle by providing an extra safe room etc.

You may use the lump sum to address issues arising out of the illness in any way. Not just medical expenses.


Alzheimer’s is not a direct and normal consequence of ageing, and however, it is seen a lot in seniors. India is witnessing a rise in the level of people affected by Alzheimer’s. As our life expectancy rises, the incidence of patients with Alzheimer’s may increase even more.

Critical illness health insurance plans cover diseases like Alzheimer’s, stroke, paralysis, cancer etc. Purchasing them is a reasonable idea to safeguard your finances from the expenses of these diseases. Once the insured person is diagnosed with the disease, the plans disburse a lump sum amount. You may use this amount to cover for the damages of the illnesses in many ways. The usage of the amount may not be restricted to hospitalizations and medical expenses.

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