How to avail free health checkup under your health insurance policy?

Health insurance policies provide for free medical checkup to its policyholders but there are many misconceptions associated with it and many policyholders do not opt for it. Policyholders either do not use it out of negligence, or they might not be aware of it, or they may fear that if the results are not satisfactory, the premium rates may go up. 

So, let us take a look at the options policyholders have and how they can be used:

  1. Frequency of checkups – Most policies allow for a free checkup after a block of 4 claim free years (you can get the checkup in the 5th year). But this varies from policy to policy. There are many insurers who now offer a free health checkup every year, even if you have made a claim that year. 
  2. Premium rates – The premium rates do not go up if your checkup results are not satisfactory. The rates go up only if you wish to increase the amount of sum insured in your policy. Then, the new underwriting process takes into account your test results and the premium may increase. 
  3. Where to get tested – It is often better to get tested in one of the network hospitals of your insurer to have a hassle free and cashless experience but you can also get tested in a non-network hospital and claim reimbursements. Keep in mind that there is often a sub-limit to free test and the insurer would only pay that amount (usually 1% of sum insured) for your tests.
  4. What are the tests required – Insurance policies usually list down the number of tests and the name of the tests that are covered by the agreement. Depending on your policy, they may either define the total amount available for free checkup or a list of tests that they would cover. Read your policy document to know which one applies to you.

How to avail the free checkup?

  1. Contact the insurance company either through email, visiting a nearby branch, or by calling their customer care/toll free number. 
  2. Provide the necessary information as requested by the representative and they would revert to you in a few days with an authorisation letter.
  3. They would provide you with the date and time as per your convenience and all you will need to do is provide this letter to the concerned person at the hospital/lab and get yourself tested.
  4. You can also request for a test in a non-network lab. In that case, the insurance company’s representative would guide you through the process that varies from company to company. You will have to pay for your tests first and then apply for reimbursements.

The process is very simple and should be made use of. As a policyholder, you are entitled for these benefits and you should be taking advantage of them. Get your health checkup done and also for your family members covered under your policy because ultimately, prevention is better than cure.

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