What are the simple health measures you need to take in a post-corona world?

The global pandemic has wreaked havoc worldwide, taken lakhs of lives, and made millions sick. But the fact is that as with most pandemics, sooner or later, this too shall pass. The emergence of this pandemic has, however, made people realise numerous things about health, hygiene, and safety that were taken for granted earlier. And when we do move into a post-Corona world, the following are some simple health measures that we should incorporate in our lives.

1) Hygiene

Personal hygiene has emerged as the biggest saviour during the pandemic. The measures like washing your hands regularly, not touching the face, maintaining safe distances, coughing using tissues, etc. emphasis on good hygiene practices that should be continued even when the dangers of Corona have passed.

2) Immunity strengthening

Health practices that boost your immune system should be prioritised, now as well as later. Eating food with high Vitamin-C content, reducing food intake with high sugar content, staying hydrated, managing stress levels, and adopting a healthier lifestyle would be the only way to improve your resilience against life-threatening viruses.

3) Changing lifestyle

This is a good time for you to prepare for a post-Corona world by changing your lifestyle for the better. You can quit smoking to regain your lung capacity, practice breathing exercises to improve your metabolism as well as cardiac health. You can incorporate simple exercises in you life like walking to improve your overall health and reduce the stress levels in your body. These practices will be useful at all times in your life and such small changes can be made by you in an incremental fashion.

4) Tracking health vitals

Regular physicals and health checkups should become a part of your life. Keeping track of things like your cholesterol levels, blood sugar, etc. would help you manage a healthier lifestyle. Preparedness will matter more in the future as COVID has taught us that life-threatening diseases could emerge from anywhere and spread rapidly. In the post-Corona world, your own good health would be the best shield to have.

5) Get yourself insured

Despite all your efforts, there may be times that you may still contract a disease. What COVID has taught us is that you may never be completely sure of the future. But you can always secure your future, monetarily, by having a health insurance policy. Currently, for example, people with health insurances are getting covered for COVID as well. What it means is that even if they contract the disease, their health insurance will make sure that they are financially protected. Planning ahead helped them get coverage even when no one was aware that such a pandemic could occur. Health insurance, therefore, is one of the most important things you should have even when the world recovers from the pandemic.

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