Five things to consider when becoming a work from home professional

Among the professions that can productively work from home, selling health insurance online has become one of the most sought after careers. It is becoming easier and profitable by the day because most of the insurance companies are sourcing out selling policies to trained professionals who can work independently. Also, with deeper internet penetration in the country and ease of accessibility, it is becoming easier for professionals to connect with new clients, explore new markets, and use their time more efficiently in pursuing potential buyers.

But it is not as easy as it sounds and there are 5 important things to consider before becoming a work from home insurance agent.

1) Generating leads can be tough 

Working online means that you will be competing directly with health insurance company’s online portals to generate leads, as clients can always buy directly from the company instead of you. You will need to work harder to reach new clients because the company may not share their leads with you. You will have to spend some time identifying new ways of reaching them through social media, WhatsApp, emails, or through calls. But, once you have started building a network and master your communication medium, generating leads will become much easier.

2) Your communication should be perfect

Working online implies that the majority of your conversation will be through emails, chats, or phone calls. This means that you will have to anticipate your client’s queries, understand their attitudes, and respond to them accordingly in a simple and precise manner. Any miscommunication or lack of communication could result in the loss of a client. Your communication skills will have to be perfect for you to succeed. 

For example: While speaking with your client or sending an email, explain the benefits of the plan in bullet points. Enumerate clearly the exceptions in the policy. Highlight the important aspects like waiting period, coinsurance clauses, pre-existing illness clause, etc. You can ask your OneAssure support team member to help you here.

Further, if you have some information about your client, you can shape your message accordingly. For example, if your client is a newly married young woman. You can speak to her keeping in mind that she is starting a new family, there will be kids in the future, she will have to manage the stress of both work and professional life, etc. Your messaging can be shaped to tell her about maternity benefits of a policy, about the benefits of buying early, etc. The message should empathise with your client to gain their trust.

The aim should be that your client need only read one email or attend one call to get a comprehensive understanding of the policy.

3) Keep in touch 

Insurance industry is completely client-oriented. It is important that you keep reinforcing your network by keeping in touch with your clients. Do a follow-up, ask about their satisfaction levels, ask if they needed additional service or if they can refer you to someone. If a client has bought a regular plan, you can pitch a term plan to them, you can suggest investing in critical illness plans, or you can propose top-up plans. Your continued relationship with existing clients will be helpful in pitching new products, finding new leads, and making more sales.

4) Establishing your online presence 

Since you will be working online, your online presence would be obviously critical to your success. You will have to make it easy for a prospective client to find you online. For this, you will need to be present and active on social media and leverage messaging platforms like WhatsApp to be visible to a client. You may need your own website or you can partner with platforms like One Assure that can help you generate leads and be discovered.

For example: You can use WhatsApp business profile to organise your business better, keep track of existing and potential clients, create product catalogues for easy perusal by your clients, and create client networks through groups. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to educate people about the importance of insurance, the different products available, etc. Most importantly, you can interact with new leads directly on social media if you are consistently active on these platforms.

5) Developing your skills

One of the most difficult problems faced by work from home professionals is that they find a comfort zone easily and do not focus on up-skilling. As an insurance agent you will have to be on top of your game. You will have to know about the latest products available, the current regulations in place, nuances of marketing, the evolving practises of the industry, etc. Further, you will need to keep honing your communication skills and learning new ways of reaching potential customers. It may be difficult remaining sharp in the absence of a physically present competitor but you can keep learning if you want to excel in your field. 

If you wish to be more aggressive, you can learn a bit about social media marketing, how to advertise your business online, and how to reach more people online. You can invest in ads to gain more exposure. And you can always use your own insights from the industry to educate people and gain their trust. The aim is to keep improving on all aspect of your business in any way possible.

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